What’s My Property Worth?

What’s My Property Worth?

How you prepare your property for sale? It can be difficult when you don’t engage an agent with excellent marketing strategy. The longer the property stays on the market the more money you loose from your pocket.

HollyWoods Property makes sure you have an outstanding property selling experience that is not time consuming or expensive. HollyWoods Property offers the most affordable fees. We charge between 1% to 2.5% depending on the final house sale price. Our targeted state-of-the-art marketing campaign ensures that the right demographics are exposed your property. Also, our unique Reverse Auction Property System sales method creates a stress-free and enjoyable selling experience. However, we don’t recommend the Reverse Auction Property System to every vendor. It’s available to only some vendors who agree to our terms and conditions and who are willing to meet the markets demand. We make sure that you stay informed in every process of the selling and marketing campaign. We are honest, ethical, dedicated, and professional with best communication strategies.

HollyWoods Property agents will never leave you with any question marks during the selling process. We strive to communicate continuously with our clients so that you can remain up to date and in control throughout your campaign. We understand that your property is one of your most valuable assets and if you’re considering selling, engage us for an effective marking campaign strategy, favourable outcome within desired time frame that suits you.

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