Find Ideal Lenders

Find Ideal Lenders

“What is your interest rate?”

This is the most frequently asked question when we receive calls from our prospective clients.

Actually, the interest rate should not be the only element for you to consider when choosing the right loan product and service.

There is a wide range of loan products designed for people in different financial situations, so when you search for loan products, you need a thorough understanding of your financial needs first. This is where HollyWoods Property Financial Counselling can assist you.

Before seeking out the right loan product with those features that fit your financial needs we can provide you with valuable information that will equip you with not only finding the right loan now but also to look at your future potential as an investor and plan ahead for your financial needs to build your future investment portfolio.

At HollyWoods Property Financial Counselling we pride ourselves on offering you helpful, unbiased information and advice.

Our services include sourcing the best loan for you from a wide range of loan products from Australian banks and non-bank lenders, taking care of all necessary paperwork relating to the loan so that the loan process is hassle free.

Providing solutions to resolve your financial issues and reach your financial goals is our greatest strength.

We provide:

Residential Home Loans & Investment Loans

No matter whether you buy your home, or investment property, we can help. If you can provide sufficient income evidence, and fulfill the full doc loan requirements, we can provide you with full doc loan products with some of the lowest interest rates on the market and greatest flexibility.

If you are a business owner, or self employed then we have low doc loan and no doc loan products with very competitive interest rate to meet your needs.

Commercial Loans

If you invest in commercial properties such as retail shops, commercial offices, warehouses… etc, we definitely can assist you to achieve your goals with our commercial loan products. We also provide no doc loans for commercial properties.

Business Loans

If you want to buy a business and embark on new adventures in the business world, HollyWoods Property Financial Counselling definitely can help you realize your dream with our business loan products designed for flexibility and the changing requirements of a business owner.

Overseas Loans

Whether you are an Australian citizen or not, if you are living and earning income overseas (outside of Australia), and want to buy property in Australia for investment purposes we can assist you with financing your property with leading lenders who finance up to 80% of the property value to overseas borrower. With Overseas loans being one of our greatest strengths you can have full confidence we will manage your needs effectively.

Deposit Bonds

The best way to invest in off-the-plan property, and the most efficient way to maximize your financial resources is with deposit bonds.

Watch your investment potential soar!

Our loan consultants are very experienced and committed to delivering an outstanding impeccable services to you.


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