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People, People, People

What is the main, critical element of your business? It’s the ‘people’, ‘our staff’ and the ‘customers’. They are the DNA of your business which can lead the business to success or failure and the growth of business often comes from…

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Why Giving Is Important?

There are many business strategies that exist in this corporate business world. One of the fundamental strategy is CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).  CSR is corporate conscience that is self-regulated and integrated into their business model.  This monitors and provides guidance to how the company…

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Point Of Difference

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Have you ever thought about why clients or customers would choose your business over your competitors?  What makes them to engage with your business and why?  Creating a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is to differentiate yourself from your competitors. It seems a bit odd if you are different…

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How To Make A Happy Workplace

How can you make your work place have healthy and happy personnel who have a positive attitude. Whatever you consider; or taking a strategic OB approach there is a one thing you should practice at work, it is a very cheapest and easiest…

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