About Us

About Us

HollyWoods Property service offers a private treaty and an another unique method of sales. Our optional method of buying and selling houses is unique and stress free for buyers and sellers. We’ve extract the benefits from current private treaty, traditional auction and reverse auction processes then combine with the tender model to reduce stress levels for both buyers and sellers and to increase the opportunities of a property sale.

The business idea came from too many “whys” and also a desire to make this world a better place for our children.

“Giving and Helping” our communities and charities through our profit generation. We are dedicated to support sick children’s communities by donating 1% of our commission on each property sale. Especially those families and children living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and sick/disabled children in Australia.
We have also planned a fundraising event every year through “FunRun4Kids” .



” Help provide to the public through our affordable real estate services- strive to be the most efficient & effective real estate service in the Australian property market”
” Help support our sick children’s communities through our profit generation”



“To be the definition of the most ethical, affordable and compassionate real estate business model in the Australia”


Are you a philanthropist and wish to earn good money for giving?
Welcome to HollyWoods Property.

We are looking for ethical, happy positive and motivated real estate professionals to join our team.
Why would you split your hard earned commission?  There were no choices before? Here’s your new opportunity.

Empowering our agents is what we want to do.

“100% of your precious commission is all YOURS!”

Just donate 1% to Children’s Hospital Foundation and Autism Queensland as well as YOUR LOCAL charities.
Now is the time to change the perception of a real estate agent.

Give us a call today!